Sunday, 7 August 2011

Surf Inspired Artwork

Some Surf Photography that I loved, stuck in my Sketchbook.

A surfboard shape with a design in the middle and running on the outside. I was looking through the book 'Subway Art' By Martha Cooper and Henry Chaflant, and I loved the artwork, So this is my *attempt* at doing some funky writing!
Half Pencil- Half Paint. I was listening to 'Dear California' By Vanessa Carlton when I painted this. 
A Group of Surfboard Shapes with a face indide! The Blue drops on her face are water, Not going as planned!

Using the colors associated with surfing I drew this portrait, sticking some surfboards in the middle and using the colors of a sunset in one. Kind of random on this one...

If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with anything Surfer-y. Surf Photography, Surf Art, People who paint on Surfboards (something I plan on trying). Here are a few sketches that were inspired by surfing, the colors, the shape of the board (which is featured in most of the drawings), etc. A combination of two of the things Im obsessed by; Art and Surfers :)

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