Saturday, 13 August 2011

18th Birthday!

 It was my18th Birthday on Wednesday! I had an awesome day and went to dinner with some friends from training and my family. I got some amazing gifts, So I had to blog about how beautiful some were. I can't wait to take some ideas from the gifts and include them in my artwork...

ZENIT-E Vintage Camera
My Mom found me this in a Vintage shop for real cheap. Its so beautiful. I've had some vintage cameras before, Including an Chinon and Nikon, but sold them a while back. Hopefully I can get some film this week and make some awesome pictures. 

Kat Von D's "Tattoo Chronicles"
Even though I prefer the Miami and NY Ink shows, I do really love Kat. This book is so inspiring, the artwork is amazing and the photographs are beautiful. Its definitely a special book to keep. The pictures above are ones I particularly love. I think Kat looks so beautiful in the top one, I plan on sketching that out... 

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