Friday, 2 September 2011

People Who Inspire Me

I have a whole group of people who I look up to creatively and in life and I figured I should share them on here, Seen as though I'm putting up my artwork!

Robin Pedrero 
Robin is an Artist and friend from Orlando, Florida. As well as being inspired by her artwork, I am inspired by her life! Robin gets to live in the place I love more than anywhere in the world, and she gets to paint for a living! I hope to one day do the same. Check Robin out at

Tim Hendricks
Tim Hendricks is known to be a Tattoo Artist on the Shows Miami Ink and NY Ink. Hendricks inspired me to practice my portraits! His work is fantastic and makes me more enthusiastic about becoming a tattoo artist. 

Although I am not a Musician, I am completely inspired by Drake. I love his honest lyrics and the type of person he is. He seems different to any other rapper/singer. 

Bethany Hamilton
I am always inspired by Surfing/Surfers. I am inspired also by female athletes because they do their sport in what is considered to be a male dominated sport (if you know me, then you'll understand this!), and I know how that feels. I also love Hamiton because she has overcome adversity and still does what she loves. 

And of course, My Parents. They have overcome so much in their life together and they keep on going. I aspire to be as strong and as passionate as they are. 

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